Firstly, a big congratulations on your engagement. Speaking from my own experience it's such a special time in your life, and one you'll look back on fondly. I do however remember the planning phase; it can be daunting to bring everything together. It is so worth it though and I hope my website can help ease some of that pressure as you have a look around.

Now to the fun part.. You spend all that time and money, invite all those family and friends, and to be honest.. It's over in a click of your fingers. Trust me, there's a time later in the evening when the music starts to wind down, guests start saying their goodbyes, and all you want is another hour, one more song. It really is the best day of your life with all those that you care about. You want to grab all those little memories and lock them away forever right?


So it makes a lot of sense to choose a photographer who can capture all that; all those emotions; all of those minor, yet important details you spend hours debating about; and so much more. That's where I come in. I'm a laid back kinda guy, and that translates directly into my approach on the day. I shoot candidly so the finished product is raw emotion, not staged or constructed. The kind of shots you will cherish on your wall. The ones you'll be showing your grandchildren when you've lived your best life together. Your photography is the one big part of your wedding that you have with you for years, decades even after you tie the knot. Think about it.. You'll hopefully have each other, your rings, maybe a dress and your photos to look back on from the day. So having photography as a big part of your budget is a smart investment.

I've put together an extensive FAQ section which'll answer a lot of what you want answered, as honestly as possible. I don't want anything to be a surprise to you. Price though is really what you're wanting to see isn't it? Well I don't want my to hide from you, you can check them all out on my PACKAGES page. Or maybe you want to check out some of my recent wedding which can be found on the COUPLES page.

So take a good look around, and if you want anymore information about anything, availability, or the finer details, don't be afraid to get in touch with me here on my CONTACT page.

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