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  • How much do you charge for weddings?
    It's the main thing you're looking for right? I try to keep things simple, and offer different packages based on hours. You choose your hours that you want, and you choose your start time. Check out my Packages page for more details, including optional add ons.
  • Queensland vs Victoria - where do you capture weddings?
    Well the answer is anywhere you want me. My main two that I advertise though are Victoria (anywhere) and Queensland (SEQLD up to Yeppoon area). From about May-ish 2024 we'll be based out of Queensland but I'm more than willing to travel back for Victoria weddings - see more info below on logistics. For VICTORIAN WEDDINGS: I am not charging any additional travel fees to come back for Victoria weddings and have already booked a bunch where this'll be the case for late 2024 into 2025. I will never fly back on the same morning as your wedding, and it'll always be out of Brisbane or the Gold Coast which are major airports with plenty of options in the event of a cancelled or delayed flight. There is also Sunshine Coast and Ballina in the area for absolute worst case. I have plenty of family and friends in Victoria that I'll always be happy to see, as well as an amazing wedding industry which I'm just not ready to completely say goodbye to. So don't hesitate in booking me! For QUEENSLAND WEDDINGS: As we'll be based in Queensland from mid-2024, my calendar is already crazy with QLD weddings into the foreseeable future. We don't know exactly where we'll be but it'll be in or close to SEQLD - somewhere by the coast! While I build my QLD portfolio of weddings, and while I get to know venues and areas a little better I'm offering 50% off 2024 QLD dates, and 25% off 2025 QLD dates. I'm happy to extend this into the coastal areas of Northern NSW as it's pretty damn epic in that area.
  • What is your ideal couple to photograph?
    It's an important question. Almost the most important. Your photographer should suit your personality and wedding style. My ideal couple would be super happy and upbeat, with a really cruisy vibe for the day. It's pretty cliche however you can usually get a good feel the first time you chat with your photographer whether the fit is right, and vice versa. Even through an email, or venue choice you start to understand a bit more about each other.
  • Why choose me as your photographer?
    It's more of a corporate world interview question isn't it? But in reality the photos are a by-product of what makes a great photographer. I'm married and a strong believer in having a much humanly possible on your day.. My wedding is still the best day of my life, and I want yours to be the same. That is my main goal. If I can keep you having fun all throughout the day then I'm naturally getting the photos that I need to capture those special moments for a lifetime. A great wedding photographer is one that manages and directs you through your day, but not in a manager type way, but a social and efficient manner that keeps you having fun, doesn't turn it into a chore, and gets you to your dancefloor on time to party the night away! That's me!
  • My wedding is different from the norm, can we negotiate the price?
    Sure. I can always tailor a package that suits your needs. My Packages page cover a generic wedding timeline but if yours differs from that, let me know about it. If you have an elopement style wedding where it's done and dusted within an hour or two, I can capture that as well. Head over to my Elopements page for more details.
  • My wedding is non-traditional, can you cater for that?
    To be honest, it's probably more traditional than you're telling yourself, with a few elements thrown out, or some banging ideas added in. Anyway, my answer is yes, I can accommodate for whatever you want. Afterall one of the most important things you should never forget - it's your day, you do you.
  • How about same-sex marriage?
    How about YES!
  • I'm camera shy, does that matter?
    Who isn't? Well there's a few out there that aren't, but most people are and to be honest it's part of my job to help put you at ease. It's by far the number one thing I hear during the enquiry stage of a booking. Most of those couples that you see on Insta with amazing portraits of themselves were once in your same position, telling us photographers that they are camera shy. I've been on your side, I remember getting my photos taken at my wedding. It isn't easy but you adapt quickly. Hopefully you can relax earlier in the day around me without the crowds there yet, and the rest will just flow. If it doesn't we'll get there, promise!
  • We're not sure yet, can you hold the date?
    Unfortunately the only way to hold your date is to pay a non-refundable retainer and sign a contract. Weddings are booked well in advance, and us suppliers can be scarce, especially in peak wedding season so book in early. Get in touch with me here.
  • Do you travel for weddings? And is there an additional fee?
    I am open to travelling anywhere for your wedding if I'm available. In Victoria, there are no additional travel fees added, and in Queensland, I'm all yours in that South East Queensland region right up to Yeppoon. Anywhere else in Australia, or internationally, I'm happy to chat about your day and see what we can come up with!
  • Can you use your drone for our wedding portraits?
    I can and try to at most weddings, BUT… There's an opportunity cost. That doesn't mean additional cost, however it means the time I'm using that I'm not using my "real" camera. I can only do one thing at a time. Set up / pack up time + the time in the air all adds up pretty quickly, and time on your wedding day is everything. If I do use it, I'm more likely to use it when you're off mingling with guests to get some location type shots from above. This is all weather and location permitting. Later in the night sunset shots can also work well here with the drone. It's certainly a "play-by-ear" depending on a number of factors of the day.
  • Are you shooting by yourself, and is it always you?
    Yes, I don't sub-contract my reputation to others. My style is kind of like a sniper. Well, a friendly photojournalist sniper at least. The less you and your guests see of me the better. I'll be floating in and out of the angles capturing you in your natural state, in a candid way. Raw emotions are the best emotions. There'll be no "say cheese" moments, unless you want them, but I am partial to a good cheese platter to keep me going. The portrait stage of the wedding can be a bit more scripted, and it kind of has to be. More on that later.
  • Do you capture elopements too?
    Definitely. My roots are engrained into landscape photography, so eloping in the beautiful environment is right up there with the most fun I can have as a photographer. I even have a whole page with the specifics for them, so head over and check it out here.
  • How many photos do you take?
    How long is a piece of string? It's a tough question. 60 an hour is a good starting point to help manage expectations. It really depends on each couple and their wedding. How many locations will you go to for portraits? How much of the day is driving in transit between venues? How's the weather? How many guests are there? Is the dancefloor going to be pumping? There are only so many photos I can take of Aunty Cheryl and Uncle Fred sitting at their table.
  • Can we hire a second photographer?
    I'd prefer you didn't, in fact you'll sign a contract disallowing it. The main reason for this is that I cannot operate to my fullest if you're being pulled left right and centre with different ways of doing thing.. And it becomes taxing for you. It's an unusual request anyway, but if you are thinking of doing that, I'm probably not the right guy for you. Alternatively - based on availability - I can quote you on having a second shooter through me. In this example, the second photographer hands me their memory cards at the end of the day and I edit all the images. That way you're getting a consistent finished product with the benefit of additional angles from multiple photographers.
  • Do you offer priority completion and delivery?
    I do. If you cannot wait for your wedding photos and need the completed gallery straight after your wedding, I can priorotise the editing to deliver via online gallery within 72 hours of your wedding concluding - if my schedule allows. Rates are based on the length of your package, due to the longer a package is the more editing and time i need to prioritise to complete the images.
  • Do you offer video services?
    I do offer hybrid photo and video packages. These are aimed more at couples who don't want to full video experience but rather a highlight film ranging in the 2-4 minutes, edited to music to relive their special day. It's a nice compromise if you're a little unsure, cheaper and less cameras on the day in your face. If you want a full video experience I can recommend some options as well.
  • How do we book your services for our special day?
    Quite simply, once we confirm a date is available, all I need is a retainer for via credit card, bank transfer or cash and I'm all yours. This is a non-refundable retainer and the remainder paid in the lead up prior to your wedding. I'll also have a contract for you to sign for the legal "stuff".
  • How do we contact you?
    Ideally I like for couples to initially contact me through my contact page for enquiries. It's all fed back into an automated process from there so I can keep all of your contact information together in one spot. Otherwise it's a bit hectic if I have a conversation with one couple over Insta, another on text, and 3 others via email. After your intiial enquiry though, I'll give out my phone number, email address to any couples who are booking with me.
  • What's the ideal schedule from a photographer's point of view?
    On your big day it all can be overwhelming. The day has many moving parts to bring together, and all I ask is some consideration in timing IF you want photos of the full shebang! In the lead up to your wedding I'll be honest with you if I don't think something is going to work. Best thing to remember is that once that day arrives you cannot control everything, so don't try to. You've got a small army of willing helpers around you to pick up the pieces that fall down. You just have to stand there, look pretty, say "I do", and then have the time of your life with those you care most about in this world (and me of course). I've said it before, and will say it again, time moves at warp speeds on your big day, make the most of it while it's there. There'll be a time late in the night when the music stops, the lights go on and everyone starts to leave. You'll be itching for one more song, one more dance. It really is the funnest day of your life if you let it be. Here's a sample of what an ideal schedule that I like to follow for a wedding would look like - times may vary, but the spacing of time works well. Also note this doesn't include travel times to/from anywhere: ​ I'll just work backwards from the actual wedding times for the "Getting Ready" shots 3:00-3:45 ceremony 3:45-4:00 congrats / hello with your guests 4:00-4:15 family shots 4:15-4:30 contingency - have a drink, grab some food & chillax with your guests 4:30-4:50 bridal party shots 4:50-5:30 couple shots (bridal & couple are often combined) 5:30-5:45 contingency - gather yourselves before your reception 5:45-onwards PARTY with all the formalities of the reception! 8:30ish sunset shots (20mins), if required. This time will depend on the sunset time, obviously I'm absolutely available to help you with your timeline when you want some help. My suggestions come from over 100 weddings experience, and they're often not even made from a photography point of view, but just a general vibe of what makes a great wedding flow.
  • What if it rains on our wedding day?
    As Alanis once sung, isn't it ironic? From my point of view, it doesn’t change anything from a photographic sense. It's good luck they say right? It can also make it more fun if you guys are up to it. Bring brollies, a good attitude, maybe some gumboots and dance in the rain. Some of my absolute favourite photos to date have been in the worst conditions.
  • What do you need from us on our wedding day?
    No big surprises is ideal. I understand things don't always go to plan and that's not really the surprises I'm talking about. If you want me to shoot something like someone jumping out of the cake and I'm not aware of it happening, then I cannot capture it. So keep in touch in the lead up to your wedding, and let me know of any changes to the plan. It's always best to capture the emotions raw when they happen, rather than re-enacting something later.
  • Are getting ready shots worth it?
    Absolutely. It's the only part of the day where you guys won't see each other, and it's such a large chunk of your day. You get some magical moments throughout that build up to showtime. And by the way, getting ready shots isn't a one size fits all. There is a minimum amount of time I like to spend with each side and if it falls under those times, I don't think it's worth it. But you might just want one side of getting ready, and we capture a few quick snaps of the other side when I arrive. Happy to chat more about this though when you're sussing everything out.
  • How much time do you recommend for the getting ready photos?
    There's so many factors at play here. How close are you to the ceremony location? How close are the bride and groom getting ready to each other? And how big of a bridal party is a big consideration? Look, in an ideal world I'd be with the gents for 40 minutes first, and then scoot across to the ladies for ~90mins. Timing for the ladies is more important as I try to coincide with the hair and make-up finishing up so I can get a couple of them getting done without getting in their hair - pun intended! From there it's the dress fitting, and some celebratory shots with the bridesmaids and family. If I can be present for those moments with the ladies, then I'm a happy photographer.. But it's totally up to you what you want. Also from my experience, the ladies side of things are more likely to be running over schedule, so allowing that extra 20-30mins with me there could mean the difference between me getting the classic shots or missing out on them.
  • What if we're already ready when you arrive?
    Don't be :) It kind of defeats the purpose of the "getting ready" photos with photos we could have just captured later in the day. In the lead up I'll work with you to make sure I arrive prior to this.. If that's what you want. Otherwise we can just wing it with some other setup shots, family, trinkets for the day, kicking back really.
  • Do the guys really have to be suited up that early?
    It's entirely up to you. Given I'm there with the guys prior to the ladies, it's a lot of sitting around in a suit especially in an Australian summer. So there's some different suggestions that I can accommodate: 1. It's more common these days to be having a beer at the pub, playing some pool, sitting in the backyard. Somewhere in a relaxed atmosphere, rather than in a suit. Although the mother of the groom might have other ideas! 2. You get suited up for modelling purposes only in front of the lens, even throw in a few blue steels. Then when I'm gone you de-robe back into the shorts and singlets for a couple more froths. 3. You get suited up and stay suited up. Sometimes it doesn't matter if you're sitting around for that long in your wedding gear.. All things going well you won't be wearing it again, so best to get the most use out of it possible.
  • What's the best location for the getting ready photos?
    This can mean a couple of things.. Firstly, it's highly recommended that the girl's are as close to the venue as possible. This isn't just from photographer's point of view, but means you're not travelling great distance to and from your wedding. If you can afford it, and you don't already live close, get a nicely maintained AirBnb as a treat. You can spread out easier in a nice, relaxed setting and they usually have some delicious natural light. Continuing from that, wherever you're getting ready for both the bride and groom, I'm chasing that light. Similar to a moth I guess.. So nicely lit rooms and well maintained gardens are a big plus
  • What about first looks prior to the ceremony?
    They're much more popular now than they ever have been. To be honest I have a love/hate relationship with them, and that can boil down purely to the type of person you think you'll be on your day. The positives - you take away a lot of the nerves prior to the ceremony, meaning you can enjoy it more and relax a little with each other. You'll usually also reduce the amount of portrait time after the ceremony meaning more time with your guests. The negatives - you have to shuffle all the getting ready parts of the day earlier (hair, makeup, getting ready photos). But the main one here that I've seen enough now that I feel like it need mentioning is that many brides want their dress and hair pristine for the ceremony which means they don't want to do much that will upset those aspects. I totally understand this, but if you think that's you then maybe first looks (and portraits prior) aren't the best option. It can totally effect the way your photos turn out as you're awkwardly protecting your dress/hair etc rather than in that moment where the portrait magic happens. The risk is the weather, and you cannot control it, nor will you know what it's doing until the week of your big day. If you've got a schedule with getting ready shots and portraits all prior to the ceremony, but then no contingency on the other side of the ceremony to squeeze anymore in, are you willing to get a little battered in the conditions prior to the ceremony before all of your guests see you? I'm not saying they're bad, I just want couples to be aware.
  • Can we include our pets in these?
    Sure can. Please do. You can include them in any part of the day you want from my point of view. I'm a big animal lover and know how big a part they play in our lives. I might even start shooting pet weddings soon if you know any that are keen?
  • Do you care if guests take photos, or film the ceremony?
    I personally don't care. Do you though? I have no issues if every Tom, Dick and Harry is taking images, or Uncle Bob is recording the whole thing on Hollywood cameras with an entire film crew. I have had a range of guests (incl. parents) get in my way during very important parts of the ceremony as they "needed" to capture a crappy iPhone pic, instead of enjoying their kid's moment for what it is. I can't take those moments back, nor can I photoshop full people out from in front of you, so their first kiss is partially covered with dad making an appearance in their shot, forever! When and how they might post them onto social media is also something that doesn't fuss me but might fuss you? It's not rude to ask guests to refrain from certain things on YOUR day if you don't want them doing certain things. Usually a sign works well, or a quick message from the celebrant at the start of the ceremony. Will they listen though? After the ceremony, go for it, everyone gets a camera.. As that's when you'll get little candid moment of magic throughout the night, and they don't need to be insane quality as it's more about that moment.
  • Where will you be based during the ceremony?
    I'll try to cover all angles, location permitting. I'll capture those special moments in all their glory. In saying that, I'll get in and out of the tighter positions as quickly as possible. Your guests didn't come to see the back of my head, and you didn’t pay a celebrant to hear my camera continually clicking away over your vows.
  • Can we give you a list of family members for family photos?
    It's only guidance, but I do have some guidance to give here.. Word up your best man and maid of honour with this list so they can wrangle your crew together during this time. They're there to help you at your wedding. I don't know your extended family from a bar of soap. Also, my default family members to include in these are any offspring you may have, parents, grandparents and your siblings. Any more than that firstly takes a long time to "wrangle" together, they're all just wanting to enjoy the canapes and a few cold beverages. By the way it's best to capture these family shots straight after the ceremony, before they all go their separate ways. And secondly, are you really going to go back through staged photos of your extended family? I'm usually there for many hours following this, so there'll be plenty of opportunities for me to get some more natural shots of your guests, with and without you in them. It's entirely up to you though, that's just my personal opinion and it's mainly based on time. Time is everything on your day, it flies past and I guarantee you'll be wishing for more time as the music starts to wind down at the end of the night.
  • How long should we set aside for location / portrait shots?
    Not including the family shots, an hour is nice to have. If you have more than that, you beauty you're looking after me. This also doesn't include travel time, if required, away from the ceremony/reception locations. The shots taken in this time tend to be the ones that end up blown up on your wall, so it's important to leave sufficient time to capture those moments. It's also a time when you're on cloud 9, you've just got married and can spend it with your new partner (and bridal party). In saying all that, it's also considered the downtime that tends to be squeezed if everything else isn't running like clockwork - the bride is late, the groom has done a runner.. You know, all the normal things. I totally get it, it's the most artistic part of the day, which tends to not have set time limits. So again, having that hour or slightly more gives some contingency to fall back on if needed. And hey, if everything is going smoothly, which I'm sure it will be, I'll have you back to your guests earlier than planned to kick off the party. As per above in the "On the Day" section, I've included a copy of rough schedule that I like to follow for a wedding - times may vary, but the spacing of time is ideal.
  • Can you help us with portrait locations?
    Absolutely. I'm more than happy to offer input where needed - whether that be offsite from your venue, or even onsite. I've been around long enough now to know what works and doesn't work when it comes to getting the very best shots.
  • When should we schedule these shots?
    From a photographers point of view, later in afternoon. The light isn't as harsh. Most summer weddings typically fall into this time by default as you'll have a mid-afternoon ceremony, followed by your portrait shots around 4:30-5pm ish, prior to the reception beginning. Depending on timing of sunset as well, I suggest pulling you aside from the reception to get some hero shots when the night's sky is hopefully erupting with every colour imaginable. That's my time to shine, and when the you can hopefully get a couple of real hero type shots.
  • Do we have separate sunset shots?
    You can have whatever the hell you like, and certainly don't need to but I'll always encourage them. Summer weddings mean sunset is around 8-9pm, so if you're going to have them and I'm aware that you want them, I'll come and grab you during the reception to duck out for 20 minutes or so. It's usually just the happy couple for these. The big advantage of them (when sunset is behaving) is you can really get some awesome colours with you guys in them. Think romantic movie poster shots, riding off into the sunset. The other main reason I encourage them is that it's nice to have a break around this time, just the two of you - and me, your 3rd wheel. Even if the weather and clouds aren't playing along with the vibe. Honestly though, it's all a whirlwind and having them mini-breaks can help bring you back into the moment that it's your friggin' wedding day.. You'll thank me for it later.
  • After the wedding portraits and family shots, is that it of the formal shooting?"
    It's really up to you. If you don't want any of these scenarios, I can shoot candidly away with all the guests for longer. On the other hand I've been to weddings where the bride and groom have disappeared every hour for more shots all throughout the night. I'm not sure why, but that's what they wanted. So your wish is my command. If you forced me to answer, I'd have the default family shots (kids, parents, grandparents, siblings), the bride and groom portraits, bridal party shots, and maybe some quick sunset shots later if the sun is playing ball, and you're at a venue that compliments the setting sun during golden hour.
  • When can we expect to receive our photos?
    Within 7 weeks maximum after the wedding at an absolute stretch; however it'll likely be earlier (avg. 3 weeks) and will contact you if this is not going be the case. I'll have a sneak peek for you ready within 48hrs following the wedding (usually the following morning) for you to re-live your wedding journey and share with your socials.
  • Do you edit all your photos?
    Absolutely. Well in some capacity anyway. It's the main reason for the potential 4-6 weeks turnaround time, and the best way to ensure you receive the highest quality images of your wedding.
  • Why is wedding photography expensive?
    Ah yes, good question. And a popular one, or at least a popular thought. Us photographers are not just there for the time you see us on the day. We're meeting you prior, organising your day in a photographic sense scouting locations to use, how the day fits together, will the lighting work. We're there on the day for ~8-10 hours give or take on average using the best equipment we can get our hands on to shoot your day from every angle possible. Then we're editing potentially thousands of images afterwards, which helps explain the turnaround time after your wedding. Then you get a nice little package at the end of it all to cherish forever. These photos are generational. If you look at it more as an investment that you'll have to remember everything from your day, where the short term has you reminiscing with friends and family, the medium term is when you reflect with your kids, and the long term is a morbid one, but what others have to remember you by in the happiest moments of your life. I'm not trying to be a smart arse about it, it's just the way it is in its simplest form and getting the right photographer makes it money well spent that will last you your lifetime together. There's not much else on your wedding day except your marriage and rings that will do the same!
  • Unanswered questions still?
    I'm sure you have plenty. Ring me, email me, text me and I'll answer what I can. Details are here. I promise I'll never get sick of a couple asking too many questions. I might not have answers for you but it doesn't hurt to ask. The more comfortable you are heading into what can be a nerve racking day, the better it is for everyone.
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