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Wet weather wedding: Amy & Scott, Shelford

Wedding planning isn't easy. There's so much that goes into it, all the finer details that you stress and contemplate for hours, nights, weeks.. But the one thing you cannot control is the weather. You're checking it on the long range 30-day forecast, then the weekly one when it gets closer, now you're checking it hourly. The blunt answer is that you cannot control it, so if it is going to be wet on your wedding day, just embrace it!

That's exactly what Amy and Scott did for their big day. Storms were predicted for most of the day. So they rolled with it. They had a beautiful marquee set up on their Shelford Property (by the way, marquee weddings are the absolute best!). With the forecasted weather, they simply moved the ceremony onto the dancefloor inside. Not what they'd envisioned, but it worked and made for a stunning setting.

The rains eased for portraits so we hit up some local knowledge secret locations with some towering red gums. Before heading back to the party when the skies really did open up. It didn't deter Amy and Scott though, they donned an umbrella each and played in the rain while getting some amazing photos - although they forgot to get my a brolly so I was drenched! All's well that ends well though, and I couldn't wipe the smile off my face after this day.

Venue: Private Property, Shelford

Celebrant: Sue Warner

Catering: Pink Saffron

Toilets: Paddock Dreams


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