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TourS & WorkShOps

While I love capturing my images, I also love passing some of my knowledge on that I've learnt over the past few years. Whether that be behind the camera, flying my drone, all the post-processing or just exploring the local area to find the perfect photography locations. That's why I offer a range of tours and workshops to suit what you might be after. 

I'll admit straight up, I don't have any qualifications - unless you count an accounting degree relevant to photography. What I do have though is experience and a desire to continue to learn from as many resources as I can find. This approach I feel allows me to branch out and gather all kinds of information from all types of professionals across the world. It's not limiting like a classroom can be. That's led me to where I am today. I understand the basics of what makes a great image, I know how to edit my images so they're both technically correct as well as pleasing to the eye, and I'm out and about always finding new locations to capture my images. And I want to pass this onto you.. Click on the workshop or tour types below for more information.





If you'd like any custom workshops or tours, please send me a message through my CONTACT page to discuss options and quoting.

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