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My very first YouTube video.. Why?

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

So I've decided to start my very own YouTube channel. Why would a photographer need to start a YouTube channel? Great question...

Why start now?

Well the answer to "why" is pretty simple. We're planning to travel around Australia in 2023 - 1 giant lap - and I want to hone my video skills prior to the trip so I can hit the ground running. I want to tackle that trip firstly as an experience of a lifetime with the family, but also one that I can photograph some of Australia's best landscapes. I want to bring you on that journey and hopefully you'll learn a thing or two from me, as I was once a complete rookie at everything you'll see along the way.

What will your content be?

Being based on the Great Ocean Road as a wedding and landscape photographer, my initial videos will be based around that.. Great Ocean Road roadtrips mainly. I'll take you to some of the most fabulous locations along the road, but also venture off it as well. I'll talk a little through the gear I plan to use on the trip - both photography, and car/caravan/canopy - and anything else that I think may be interesting to you guys. I love to cook, especially outdoors so expect some of that to get thrown in!

Leave me a comment with anything you'd like to see more of, what I should cover, or what I'm doing wrong!


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